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We began with just a small online retail shop, so we understand all too well the struggle in finding a garment manufacturer that can help turn ideas into reality.  Most clothing manufacturers will give you huge MOQ (Minimum order quantities), but the problem is to test the market, you may not need that much.  So we have solved the problem.  We have opened our own garment manufacturing company right here in Bali.  Our vision is to help you ease your way into the fashion business.

Why Choose Us?

Why our clients trust us with their manufacturing needs.

We will consistently support  your business by accommodating a lower quantity order without reducing quality. 

Our vision is to help you enter the fashion industry as easily as possible.

Providing high quality products at an affordable price is our goal.

We continuously check the fabric, color, style, size and make sure there are no defects on any of our products.

The family ties at Megaya Garment and Clothing Manufacturer are very strong. We work together from 9am until 6pm, Monday – Friday.   Our working area is clean and safe.  And each one of us is paid a wage that facilitates to a harmonious and happy working environment.

Services We Provide

Find out why our clients trust us with their manufacturing projects

We accept a specification sheet / tech pack for every design. A specification sheet / tech pack gives us the best insight into how to bring your vision to life.

To fulfill the huge demand, we provide various kinds of fabrics that are produced from all over the world. Most of our fabrics are actually sourced locally, from right here in Indonesia.

We at Megaya are able to organize Dyeing, Printing, Print Screen and Embroidery for you. When you can’t seem to find the color of the fabric you want, we can help you with that.

Megaya Bali consistently provides the best for their customers.  We do it all.

We do it one by one.  It’s not just random sampling.  Our quality assurance is the best in the business.

Megaya offers you more than one shipping method.  We use express shipping at an affordable price.  You can be sure that every item is double checked before it is shipped.

Client Testimonial

Find out why our clients trust us with their manufacturing projects

I am very satisfied with Megaya.  They work with great care and love, and create a close relationship with all those involved.

Eva osborn

Eno Black

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The highest quality products made with the greatest detail. And the people are a pleasure to work with.


whispers and anarchy

We make customized measured dresses that make a women feel confident, and beautiful.


megaya bali store

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I was very happy to work with Megaya.  She is so friendly, and really helped a lot with my fashion line.

grace and bertha

by Sekawan

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Find out why our clients trust us with their manufacturing projects.

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