Megaya Bali Garment & Clothing Manufacturer

Dyeing, Printing, Printscreen, Embroidery

Megaya are able to organize Dyeing, Printing, Print Screen and Embroidery. When you could not find the color of the fabric you want, we can offer a solution to get the color with Dyeing. So how about if you want the natural dyeing?? Of course we can. We are here support for eco-friendly production.

When you want a design in your garment, we would love to put it into the fabric. As we also provide the Printing and Screen Print. Bring your design to us and let us make it happen.

We have in house embroidery that can help you with any of the embroidery needs. For a simple design or more complex, just give us the image, size, color and layout that you want, we will create the best we can.