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Everyone can make a Brand

"Empowering startups 
seamlessly with one-stop manufacturing solutions"

Our Basic

Fashion Designer

This is
what we do
for you


Select the Product

We have more than 100 designs every seasons. You can select the design and manufacture that product in Megaya Bali


Fabric Selection

We have 70 kind of fabrics and more than 100 colors each fabric. So, you have so many option for your product. We also have printed fabric and there so many option for color and pattern.


Dyeing, Printing, Embroidery

If you need personalize your brand you also have options to print, dyeing or embroidery your fabric with us.


Label, Tag, Hangtag and Carewash

We also provided the production equipment it base on your need. 


Packing and QAC (Quality Assurance Check)

We do QAC for make sure the product we made always under our control. This step is the important this in manufacture because we always make sure the product we made is the best version of us.



Megaya want to make one stop manufacture that can be Start-Up Fashion Brand best friend. we want to support everyone who want to make a fashion brand. 

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