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Engineer Uniform

Engineer Uniform

An engineer can wear a variety of different clothing depending on the job location and role responsibilities. For engineering jobs located in office buildings, engineers will wear anything from jeans to a suit depending on the company culture. Some engineering roles require specialty clothing, for example, a civil engineer might need a hard hat and steel-toed boots or a chemical engineer might wear a lab coat and protective glasses.

The most popular engineer uniform variants

The full engineering suit

Generally given to top level engineers in any construction site, the full engineering suit is exactly the kind of thing you need if you like protection. Engineers have the liberty to wear their corporate uniform under.

This one comes with a bomber’s style full sleeve jacket and full length pants in the same color. There are two side pockets that come with the jacket and it is generally in a neutral dark color so that it does not look too dirty.

The half-sleeve engineering uniform
Designed for people who are working on a lower level, the half sleeve suit is made with tough microfiber material. This uniform contains a half shirt and full pants that come with the regular pocket allotments.

Available in a variation of colors, this one is best suited in gray color and is more functional that way. It has less of a chance in becoming very dirty and that is not something your engineers are going to like.

The fluorescent jacket uniform

Designed for people who do the real hard work, the fluorescent jacket uniform comes with many utility pockets to hold special tools that might be required in a site. The fluorescent jacket is light reflective and keeps the laborers safe and in sight in construction areas.

This uniform is also known for its superior toughness that comes from a material quite unlike the others.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the different types of civil engineer uniform variations, what are you waiting for? Get online and find out the best manufacturer for these bulk orders before you place it!

One of the many things about having engineering uniforms in your retail store is the kind of variety it brings for you – and that is definitely going to draw more customers!