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Office Uniform

Differentiating between dress codes that recommend various types of business attire for the office is confusing. Online and in company dress codes, the range of business attire options described vary considerably.

Some business casual dress codes recommend that employees wear suit coats or jackets to work. Others allow jeans as everyday business attire. Some say that they prefer super casual business attire but prohibit shirts with no collars.

You can differentiate dress codes by the degrees of formality in the business attire allowed in the most common employee dress codes. It will help you determine and communicate the appropriate business attire selections for your workplace. The majority of employees just want to fit in, work successfully, and succeed in their careers. A communicated dress code gives them one less factor to worry about or stress over.

You will want to favor simple business attire dress codes that treat employees like adults and leave some clothing decisions to management and employee discretion. In fact, many HR professionals would argue that having a dress code that is more than a paragraph long is treating your adult employees like children and characteristic of an old-fashioned, paternalistic management style.


But some workplaces require a more sophisticated dress code policy. The culture of the workplace or the industry expectations drive dress codes in these cases. You would not want to meet with a financial advisor who dressed in jeans and a casual shirt, for example. To project the knowledge and experience necessary to gain your respect as an advisor, they are likely to wear a professional suit.