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Kimono and Robe

Kimono and Robe

A kimono is a traditional formal Japanese robe known for its elaborate details. It is made up of numerous parts, often of hand-dyed silk, and is worn only on special occasions such as festivals and weddings.

Traditionally, the Japanese kimono robe was part of everyday wear. However, it slowly evolved to become a symbol of status and occupation.

Nowadays, only a small percentage of people in Japan wear the kimono on a daily basis. They don’t come cheap (a few thousand dollars apiece) and are extremely challenging to put on.

In Japanese culture, the kimono is a dressy garment. Wearing one is similar to wearing a fancy suit or a formal dress.

As a foreign tourist, it is not exactly advised to purchase a kimono, unless one plans on attending a traditional Japanese ceremony. It can certainly feel very special to wear this ceremonial type of dress!

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Fortunately, kimono robes that have all the elegance and style of traditional kimono are now quite common. Here are some reasons why they are a must-have in your wardrobe.

A Kimono Robe Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Kimono Robes have grown in popularity over the last decade because of their elegant and luxurious style. Nowadays, these robes come in various styles that would suit pretty much any occasion and type of weather, and can serve both as loungewear and outerwear.

In earlier times, one would wear a kimono at ankle-length, though the kimono of women are longer and folded at the hip. The sleeves of the traditional kimono go down to the wrist, though some variations have sleeves that reach down to the ground.

It also came with a traditional sash called obi that one knots at the back. People back then also partner a kimono with footwear like geta or zori, and a pair of socks called tabi.

It is Perfect For Lounging In
A satin kimono robe is perfect for lounging in and getting a feel of a relaxing and luxurious evening. In fact, it is even a common choice for bridal robes because of the comfort they provide.

These classic and elegant robes are often made of either silk or satin. This gives them a soft, smooth, and relaxing feel perfect for that pampering night with a glass of wine and a soothing massage afterwards.

It Can Be Worn With Other Outfits
The kimono robe, as mentioned earlier, now comes in numerous shapes, sizes and styles. This makes it a must-have accessory because of its ability to spice things up without much effort.

Because of their designs today, kimono robes are not just for relaxing in. One can also put them over any outfit to give a basic outfit a twist.

The exotic vibe it gives off dresses up an otherwise plain shirt-and-jeans combo, and the wide range of fabrics and prints can complement any fashion statement. It’s a handy trick for amping up basic outfits when you’re in a rush or unprepared for a sudden dressy occasion.

A Kimono Robe is Great For Warm Weather
A lot of people complain that robes are often too thick or too bulky, making them inappropriate for warm weather. Often, this is because of the types of fabric used on these robes.

Kimono robes provide the solution to this.

The silk and satin fabric that manufacturers use on kimono robes makes them the perfect robe for lounging in, especially in warm weather. It is lightweight, cool, and extremely breathable.

In fact, it has become popular loungewear, especially during the summer because it covers one up without that stuffy feeling.

It Is Lightweight
Kimono robes are smooth and lightweight. They are the solution to the problem a lot of people have with robes that are too heavy.

This makes it a must-have accessory because it keeps one looking elegant, stylish, and classy without much effort.

A lot of accessories, like jewelry or bags, can add on a lot of weight, making the look harder to pull off. A kimono robe, on the other hand, can give you a refreshing and luxurious look all without the cost of an actual kimono.

A kimono robe is a great must-have for any wardrobe that adds elegance and style to pretty much any outfit. It comes in all shapes and sizes and is perfect not only for relaxing in, but even as the cherry on top of a killer outfit.