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Story of Megaya

This is a story about Megaya Bali
Megaya Bali Garment Manufacturer Team

Megaya is a garment and clothing manufacturer from Bali, Indonesia. Bali is of course, a beautiful island, always surprising visitors, with the stunning scenery, amazing climate and welcoming culture. I have spent a lot of time enjoying this beautiful place, so naturally, casual outfits have become my favorite kind. This is the reason I decided to create a line of beautiful and comfortable dresses. This idea, and need to create comfortable, beautiful clothes, continues to evolve into the shop we have named Megaya. After all, Megaya is a Balinese word that means “Stylish.”

We all know that fashion is an essential ingredient that completes our life. But rarely does one think of why we actually need fashion. We at Megaya have tried to decode the role of fashion. Fashion goes beyond just fabric and color. It is a fundamental way to express your personality. What you wear tells a lot about you. From day to day, your mood is also somewhat revealed with what you wear. When you look great, you become confident, and great things are surely bound to come your way. Confidence is also dependent on the degree of comfort your clothes offer. Comfortability and style, go hand in hand in creating a confident you. And naturally this confidence translates into productivity, a stylish, more comfortable, more productive you.

At Megaya, we help you manufacture your fashion. We will be there to help you create your own fashion business. Here we work ethically, we work with a skilled team. Our concern is for your and for the quality of product.

Our services include the production of baby, men, women, and children’s wear made from rayon, cotton, batik, print with embroidery, cutwork, beaded, etc. with the fashion specifications for both summer and winter.