Megaya Bali Garment & Clothing Manufacturer

Why Choose Us?

 We believe that our products are exclusive (one of a kind).  We are able to maintain the best possible quality while maintaining our commitment to your innovation and creativity.  We utilize Human Resources that are competent and credible.  So we can  create products that are in accordance with your demands, as well as with the demands of the continually changing marketplace.

profesional and skilled team

Megaya Bali was established in 2016 with people who are experts in their respective fields. With experience, creativity and a desire for excellence, we can help you to create your own fashion business. 

shipping worldwide

We are glad that we can deliver our products to your home, or wherever you are!
 We provide safe and efficient worldwide shipping by collaborating with Top 3 most accredited International Shipping companies.
We generally like to use DHL as our main shipping company with a 5-9 day delivery window.   Also, after your order has been dispatched from our location, you will receive a tracking code by email, allowing you to continually track your order.

Low of MOQ

Our Vision is to help you enter the fashion industry by giving you the gift of a low minimum order quantity. You can try out your latest designs, knowing that we consistently support our customers by offering a lower quantity order without reducing quality.  We are relentless in our pursuit of quality.

QA Process

We do it one by one – not a random sampling. We will check the fabric, color, style, size and always maintain a product free of defects or staining.


 Quality is everything, and we spare no expense at providing you with the highest quality fabrics.  At the moment, we have 193 of color choices. Apart from the materials we have, you are feel free to bring your own fabrics or request the fabric you want, we will be happy to provide it for you. 


In this era, the needs of fashion are rapidly increasing. We at Megaya Bali are always attempting to provide high quality products with fast production times. Therefore, the welfare of our employees is extremely important to us.  They are our top priority.
We work in a clean place where once a month we take the time to do a full factory clean.  Family ties at Megaya Garment and Clothing Manufacturer are very strong.  And we like to keep these relationships strong and healthy.  We work from 9am until 6pm Monday – Friday with a properly paid hourly wage (minimum is the regional minimum wage).