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Zero-Waste Fashion Practices

Zero-waste fashion practices aim to minimize or eliminate waste generated throughout the entire lifecycle of a garment, from design and production to consumption and disposal.

Language of Fashion: Decoding Style Terms

Decoding the language of fashion can be helpful in understanding and discussing different aspects of style, clothing, and trends. Here are some common fashion terms

Mindful Shopping: Quality Over Quantity

Mindful shopping, prioritizing quality over quantity, is a sustainable approach to consumption that emphasizes purchasing fewer items of higher quality rather than accumulating a large

Men’s Suit Style Basic Guide

A Men’s Suit is the most elegant and professional men’s clothing. Consists of a suit and trousers, also equipped with a collared shirt, tie, and

Types Of Pants For Men To Wear

Pants are outerwear worn by men that cover each leg separately from the waist to the ankles. Some pants only have a length to the

Bra Halter Yoga Crop Top

Bra is a woman’s underwear with main purpose to cover and support their breasts. Wearing a bra in yoga is one option. Obviously you have

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