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A Men’s Suit is the most elegant and professional men’s clothing. Consists of a suit and trousers, also equipped with a collared shirt, tie, and shoes. During the late 1660s, King Charles II ordained that all men must wear long coats or jackets in an assembly. So that since become the typical male attire in attending formal events such as social gatherings, business conferences, birthday parties, and weddings.

In choosing a suit, you have to make sure that the style, design, color, and material match the occasion. Boutiques and malls have provided ready-to-wear suits. So, you can choose your style and pay accordingly. However, not a few men prefer to make a suit in a designer because the material and style can be designed as desired and the size is more suitable for the body.


In general, the manufacture of suits using cotton, linen, and wool. However, cotton will lose its shape, linen will wrinkle too much, and wool will be uncomfortable to wear unless it is of high quality. When synthetic fabrics appeared in the 1950s, there was a combination of all three of the above materials.


The lining on a quality suit breathes better and adapts to your body. The layers of the coat should be laid out neatly to hide the construction material and stitching, thereby extending the life of the coat.

Suit Size:

The size of the suit when worn should not be too small or too big. Body size must be appropriate to give a good appearance, proportionate, and comfortable when worn.

Suit Style:

Many people think that suits look identical but that is not true. When tailoring a suit, you can consult with the designer for the selection of style and suitability for the type of event.

Suit Etiquette:

Suit etiquette refers to how you wear a suit properly. For example, wearing the right shirt, tie, and socks. Then, the selection of colors, fabrics, and styles of suits is adjusted according to the type of event to appreciate the event maker and maintain self-image in front of many people.

Suit Maintenance:

Suit maintenance can be done by hanging the suit in the wardrobe properly, using a soft brush to remove dirt and dust particles, and taking the suit to a dry cleaner after wearing it.

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