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Pants are outerwear worn by men that cover each leg separately from the waist to the ankles. Some pants only have a length to the knee area (shorter or longer than the knee according to style) commonly called shorts. Pants that have a length up to the ankles are called “trousers” and pants that have a length up to the knee area are called “shorts”.

There are many types of pants to make confidence and comfort in activities, as well as create a fashionable. Therefore, a man needs to know the type of pants to wear either in formal or casual events to be combined with other clothes. Here are the types of pants to add to your pants collection in the wardrobe.


Chinos have been around for over a century and have been worn by connoisseurs of Hollywood, Ivy League preps, and more.


Athleisure is one of the style trends that is followed when wearing jogger pants comfortably and casually. The slimline jogger provides a mix of sweatpants and standard work pants.

Cargo Pants

These pants are no longer a fashion faux-pas and are suitable for a modern and sleek style. Wearing cargo pants is also well combined with sweaters, hoodies, and oversized clothes.

Pleated Pants

Men who wear Pleated Trousers will look charming with a classic style. You wear it to work with rolled-up sleeves or just go for a walk while staying cool and looking more relaxed.

Cropped Pants

Cropped Trousers are worn when attending formal events but provide a relaxed and trendy style like 80s vintage fashion. These trousers will show off the socks that are worn so that they give a bold and attractive impression.

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