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A scrunchie (or scrunchy) is a fabric covered elastic hair tie used to fasten medium to long hair types. Large, elaborate styles and diminutive, unassuming forms are available in many different colors, fabrics, and designs. Although scrunchies are most commonly used in hair, they can also be worn around the wrist as an accessory to enhance an outfit.

The Scrunchie was patented in 1987 by Rommy Revson. She created the first prototype of the Scrunchie because she wanted a gentler version of the metal hair ties used in the 1980s. Revson named the decorative hair accessory the Scunci after her pet toy poodle. The name Scrunchie was a natural evolution, because the fabric scrunched up. After patenting the Scrunchie, Revson spent most of her time in legal disputes, both with manufacturers and her own lawyers. Scrunchies were particularly popular in the 1980s and 1990s, including larger, more elaborate versions. Scrunchies regained popularity in the mid 2010s.

There are over five hundred different designs of scrunchies since its invention. There are many different brands and stores that sell them. In the US, almost every major store sold some sort of scrunchie in 2019. 

The Scünci brand offers a range of textures, including velvet, satin, and fur, as well as various designs such as neon and metallic. There are also different variations of the scrunchie. There is a scrunchie bow, which is a normal scrunchie with a small and short or large and long bow on one side of it. There are also different patterns, such as leopard print, tie-dye, and dotted. There are also scrunchies with prints of animals or pictures of flowers on them. Overall, there are hundreds of different designs of scrunchies. The size of scrunchies also varies, ranging from as small as a normal hair tie to the over-sized scrunchie that is as big as the back of the head.

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