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It is now common to see fashion loungewear in the street, on planes, and at the grocery store. The rules for what to wear while out and about have changed. Fashion companies have adapted by creating collections that are very comfortable to wear but also look smart. Think joggers with a slim fit and a smart-looking fitted jacket made in stretchable cotton.

Loungewear for men is a casual attire that is highly comfortable and is also appropriate for leaving the house. Think dressy sweatpants, premium T-shirts, sweaters, and designer sneakers.

Every modern loungewear wardrobe starts with a simple t-shirt. The key to a great loungewear look is simplicity and high-quality fabric. Prefer muted tones with a few key details and pops of colour.

Start your look off with a simple short or long-sleeve tee crafted from comfortable quality fabrics. We particularly love this smartly designed T-Shirt by upcoming menswear brand Western Rise. It’s made from performance cotton that is ultra-soft, stretches in every direction, wicks moisture, and resists odours. Available in various colours.

Common Material

Selecting the right loungewear pants is essential to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Look for premium materials, such as cashmere, wool, or silk. And aim for joggers with a tapered leg that flatter your form rather than disguise it.