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Hospital Uniform

Hospital Uniform

Uniforms are outfits of a specified material, colour, and design, usually provided by the hospital, for certain staff such that all employees in an equivalent or similar position wear identical outfits. Providing uniforms for staff is one way of ensuring proper grooming, thus reflecting the standard.

Uses or advantages of providing staff uniforms  :

  • Ensure a well- groomed appearance for staff.
  • They help to create an atmosphere. For example, a uniform may match the décor or the theme of the property.
  • They help identify the staff and their position to the guest.
  • They help differentiate between staff and patients.
  • They enhance the spirit of teamwork.
  • It is easier for staff to take up messy jobs when they know that their own clothes are not involved.
  • Some uniforms may have a protective role.
    Some uniforms may confer prestige on the wearer.

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