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In doing business, maintaining the quality of the products / services offered is not the only point that must be done. But it is also important to pay attention to how to build a brand and do branding properly.

Brand exists as an identity to differentiate the products you produce from similar products produced by other business people. Meanwhile, branding is a way to introduce your product to consumers. With a brand, consumers will be able to choose which products they will consume.

Packaging or packaging is closely related to branding. The packaging of a product is one of the elements that affects the number of sales. This is because most of the reason consumers choose products is their interest in unique and attractive product packaging. If consumers are already interested in the product packaging you offer, there is no doubt that an increase in sales will also be obtained.

Most of the clothing line has a unique way to package their products. Clothing packaging are unique, creative, cool and beautiful definitely can make people want to come back to buy up all the clothes in their stores. All people love while getting beautiful and unique packaging, especially clothing packaging, because most of them still keep the packaging in a long time. And now, we have collected 20 clothing packaging designs that bring the clothing industry to the next level. With creative designs, all of these packaging can prove that not all packaging must be thrown away.

Here’s the inspiration for interesting packaging from around the world. Who knows you can practice it right away!

Packaging made of stamps and paper

Garment products are rolled and labeled

The packaging of the drawstring bag made of white calico cloth

Unique packaging in the form of a pizza box

Inside the waterproof plastic

Using a cardboard tube

Using a glass jar

In a cardboard coffee cup

Packaging can be turned into clothes hangers

From tracing paper and stickers

Using a paper bag

package in a triangle shaped box

Exclusive wood packaging

Inside an envelope with a printed label

Inside a carton with a unique design

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