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As it’s known, the pandemic is currently sweeping the world, including Indonesia. The impact is very big in various sectors, including fashion industry. This is because the rules from government for social distancing, so that people do their activities at home. 

In recent months there have been many losses due to the corona pandemic. Therefore, to overcome these difficulties, the entrepreneur must think of ways to survive such as creating new strategies. So, even though you are in a difficult situation, you can still survive when you want to build a business fashion.

Here are some ways you can do to start a fashion business in the middle of a pandemic:

  1. Follow trends and innovations 

Besides effect on industrial sector, the pandemic also affects consumer needs, so that creating trend fashion, for example at this time we are required to wear a mask. So, you can make this opportunity by creating unique mask and can be combined with outfit to make it look more fashionable. You can also make your mask as a promo, for example “Buying 1 set clothes FREE mask”.

Not enough just follow trend, but you also need innovation. The importance of this innovation, so that your brand has its own characteristics and different from competitors. But make sure the innovations you create must be in accordance with the current pandemic conditions.

  • Take advantage of digital marketing

Did you ever hear digital marketing, before? This pandemic has indeed complicated businessman to do marketing activities because there are rules that require to close the store at certain time and limit the visitors to enter the store. However, this problem can be overcome with digital marketing strategy, you can take advantage of social media or e-commerce to market your products to customers.

Even digital marketing is considered more effective because it can reach more consumers. Your fashion brand also can be known more easily if use a right strategy. This time, social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others as a tools marketing to increase sales and increase brand awareness.

  • Cooperation with other parties

If you want your business can survive in the midst of this pandemic, you can cooperation with other parties. Ofcourse this is important because that way you can create new innovation, for example if you can cooperation with designer, fabric supplier or others. Other than that, of course you will get price more affordable if you can cooperation with other parties.

Moreover, this situation requires all activities become more limited, so that the business settings also will run mostly from home. Starting from designing, production, ordering, packaging and other. However, if you can cooperation with other parties, it will certainly make it easier for you to monitor everything without having to go to the location.

That’s all what you need to know if you want doing fashion business in the midst of a pandemic.

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