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Have you ever heard the garment? Maybe most of you have heard of convection before. Actually, garment and convection both produce clothes in large quantities. Then, garment has several differences with convection such as the quantity of goods produced and the target market, where the garment supplies their products to malls, supermarkets, and the like.

For you who don’t know, garment is a business that is engaged in making clothes and managed with a management system that is better than convection. The process of making clothing products in the garment system can be said to be fast and neat too because the process uses modern sewing machine.

Therefore, some people more prefer products that come from garment manufactures because the result given more higher quality. Of course, the reason is because the garment products are done as well as possible and worked by employees who are already professionals.

Types of Garment Products 

Then, what types of products that garment produce? For you who are curious, here are types of garment products that you need to know.


Are you one of the t-shirt lovers? This type of clothing is always popular and has a lot of enthusiasts. Not only that, t-shirts are also liked by all circle, from children and adults. So, it’s not surprising that many garment manufacturers take advantage of this opportunity by making unique designs to attract the attention of consumers. For example, Raglan shirts, striped shirts, V-neck shirts and others. Which type of t-shirt do you prefer?


Not only t-shirt, jackets are also a type of clothing that is always innovating by following fashion trends. Now, jackets are not only used to warm the body, but it can be used to support your look to make it more stylish. This is why many garment manufactures produce jackets with attractive designs, such as bomber jackets, denim jackets, and others. Do you already have one of these jackets?


The next product is a shirt. Nowadays, shirts are no longer only wear in formal events, but also in non-formal events such as hangouts with friends, relax at the mall dan others. So, not surprisingly shirts are in demand by men and women at any ages. Plus, shirts now have many types such as casual shirts, work shirts, and other formal shirts that can increase your look more fashionable. Interesting right?


Of course it’s not complete if you produce clothes but not with pants, right? There are many types of pants that garment can be produced, ranging from jeans, joggers, culotte and others. Guiding the right pants model can make your appearance cooler. Not only the model of pants, garment can also produce pants from various materials.

Those are the types of garment products that you need to know. You can choose type of garment product that you want and need. Which type of product do you think you are interested in?

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