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Every one’s dreams is to have a fashionable look without looking tacky and over the top, right?. This fashionable look make some of you often experiment mix and matching your clothes to make them look more attractive. You buys all these random things because it’s look pretty or cool when other people use it. You just follow celebrities, models and influencer looks or maybe you buy some of your clothes just because the brands is famous and made by designer. You don’t know whether the style is suitable for your personal or not. So, stop doing that and here are 5 thing you should know about your clothes. 

1.    What Your Body Types?

Of course you know your size clothes but you must but not all of you know your body shape. There is so many body types but in general most of woman and man shape are apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangle. Your body types will help you to know what type and pattern of clothes you should wear or not. Knowing this will help you to learn what is the best clothes for your or not. 

For example, if you are a woman and have Apple-Shaped Body then the best tops for you are wrap, dolman-sleeve, V neck and peplum. For jeans there are straight or slim, bootcut, skinny, and flared. You also can know the best jacket, pants, dress, accessories, swimwear and etc. 

2.    What is your best color?

Find your best color based on your skin tone, eye color or hair color. For brightly colored eyes you can use the same color and for black hair will great with red, green or yellows. You can also ask your friend opinion. When you find your base color you can also choose the same color or maybe you can choose some from color palette in the magazine. Remember! Wearing to many color will make you tacky, so you can pick some neutral color to balance your look. The neutral look you can choose are black, white, gray, brown and beige.

3.    Are they Makes You Comfortable and Confidence?

The most important to look fashionable is self-confidence and this style make you comfortable. You know sometimes clothes that you wear can built your confidence. Confidence more then just putting brand or trend clothes to your body but how do you like the clothes in your body and make you appear brighter and holding your head higher. How do I know this clothes will built my confidence? Well, The formula is comfortable clothes should make you confident and People around you will also realize the difference in you because self-confidence will also affect your attitude in acting. 

4.    How much can you spend?

If you are a person who is free to spend money to choose clothes that you like even though they are expensive then it’s okay. But what if you are someone who needs to save money and still wants to look fashionable. Then there is some a trick you should know.

  • First, you want to get the most for the least amount money right? Well, then you must be smart to find the right shopping time. For example shopping on a Shopping on sale day or and outlet malls sell high priced items at bargain prices.
  • Second, You can invest your money to buy some basic items with basic colors which might be a little expensive for you. You can then mix and match with clothes with clothes that are actually cheap and try to avoid clothes that have logos and the last is treat your clothes so that always looks new.

5.    What clothes do you wear on weekdays or weekend? 

If some of you often confused about which clothes to use for weekdays or weekends. Well here’s how tricks to fix it. You can make two section in your wardrobe for the formal clothes and casual clothes. Although it depends on the company or the place where you work because some company have their own dress code. For weekday you can dress like someone would take you a photo. For weekend you can wear comfortable clothes if you just in your home but if you are going to a party you can wear clothes that look luxurious and don’t forget to do something with your hair.

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