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Fabric is an important point in producing clothes. That’s why we also certainly want to get quality fabrics. So, we need to make a lot of careful considerations before placing an order. When choosing the fabric available, you may first have to prepare mentally because you will be greeted with a large number of different types of fabrics. But its okay we gonna tell you 3 key points to choosing the right fabric that can be used as a guide for making clothes. 

1.    Consider the Fabric Weight

It is quite difficult and a headache because there are so many choices of fabrics, first of all you have to focus on the color of the clothes you want. Next is to measure the weight of the fabric at the store. You can tell the weight just by looking at the thickness of the fabric from the rolls. The thickness of the fabric stands out and this will help you save time.

For Example fabrics defined by the weight category:

  • Light Weight : Organza, Chiffon, Vole, Taffeta and Single Jersey
  • Medium Weight : Velvet, Cambric, Sateen, Chambray and Interlock Jersey
  • Heavy Weight : Wool Felt, Denim, Hessian and Twill

2.    Examine the Fabric Drape

You also have to pay attention to Drape according to the needs of the clothes you make. For example, you will make a skirt, so after unrolling the fabric, see how the cloth hangs. Soft drape will approach your body if you want a flowing skirt such as silk. more drapery will keep the skirt float away from you and tend to stick out when pleated or gathered. The following is a list of Drape Fabrics from several types of fabrics will help you:

  • Silk : Fluid
  • Woll : Moderate
  • Cotton : Moderate
  • Linen: Moderate
  • Rayon : Moderate
  • Polyster : Moderate
  • Jersey : Fluid-mod
  • Brocade : Voluminious

Fabric Drape is quite an important factor to match the outfit you are imagining. It looks easy but be careful with this term drape because a lot of people miss understood with the fabric weight. No it’s different guys!

3.    Test the Fabric Stretch

Fabrics Stretch is the ability of the fabric to return to it’s original shape when it is stretched. Stretch affects the end product with your body when it is used. Because it is very stretchy, it is very easy to make the wrong move and if you are a beginner, it would be better to avoid this fabric until you are really ready. This is the formula for calculating stretch: 

Fabric stretch = ((amount it stretched – original length) / original length) X100%

For example you pull a fabric with a length of 5 cm and pull the ends until they reach 7.5 cm. What percentage is the stretch?

Calculation = (7.5-5) /2.5 X100% = 50%

So, this means that the fabric can stretch 50% of the original length.

You need to pay attention to the correct selection of fabrics and details. Choosing the right fabric may take some extra effort but it is worth it as you can get the best fabric. 

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