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You may have many clothing design ideas that you want to realize by creating a fashion business. You want to create your own fashion brand but you know that there is a lot of complex things behind it meanwhile you have no experience. So, this is things you need to consider before you manufacture your clothing line. 

1.    Design Ideas?

Before you design your clothes, first you have to know the target market for the clothes you make. This affects clothing manufacturing activities in materials and prices. There are several types of target markets like haute couture, luxury brand, designer/rtw, high-street brand and online/home shopping.

2.    Tech Pack

Next, you have to create a Tech pack to translate your design ideas in more detail. Tech Pack is a term in the garment industry used to describe a document that contains blueprints for a style of clothing. Tech pack is used for clothing according to the expected specifications, estimating the cost and time of quality control and size. Some of the tech pack contents that you have to write are the style name and description, the sketch image, the size, the clothing material, the color, the pattern etc.

If you want to make a tech pack, you can download a template on the internet to be a reference. 

3.    Care Labels

When you just bought a shirt or t-shirt, have you ever paid attention to the inner label or on the back of the neck of your shirt? There are often clothing labels with various descriptions on them including several symbols. Well, you also have to make care labels for your clothes, such as symbols for using a washing machine, dryer, ironing and using bleach

4.    Fabrics Test

After you make sure of all the equipment in the previous step fullfiled, you can send it to your factory by ordering several for all sizes to make sure the clothes match your expectations. Print quantity clothes that you need because this is just a sample. There are several types of samples that you need to find out first such as proto samples, fit samples, counter samples, pre production samples, patern test samples, sample set sizes, in line samples, marketing samples, factory pre production samples, top samples and shipping samples. 

5.    Trims Test

You also need to do the trims test on your design as well as the fabrics test to make sure it suitable with your expectations. 

6.    Approve

After reach the final sample test you have to approve it and  Check the samples if everything suitable with the requirements and details that you previously submitted. If there are problems, talk to the manufacturer to make changes.

7.    Make Purchase Order

The final step is to make a purchase order to produce your clothes on a larger scale. Include the product quantities, time, how it delivered and the agreed price.

Now that you have the product, you can sell your clothing brand. Hope it sells well! 

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