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Do you believe that marketing is the spearhead of a business? Absolutely yes! Because marketing activities determine the sales of products offered to consumers. To market a product you have to need a good and creative way. Imagine how difficult to find buyers if you were going to sell traditional thing with conventional marketing. Realizing the important role of marketing activities, We necessary to have a good product marketing strategy to increase sales of a product.

Marketing strategy itself is defined as a way or method to increase the number of buyers. The marketing strategy of every business is different from one another. There are those who like to sell online, there are those who like to sell in person. All that is not a problem if finally achieved. Do you see what types of product marketing strategies are? The following are 3 types of marketing strategies often used by companies. 

1.    Direct Selling

Direct selling is a type of marketing strategy where the seller represented by a sales person, will sell their products directly to consumers. The way they will meet consumers directly and make offers of goods by relying on persuasive abilities. The advantage of this strategy is that company’s capital does not need to be large, so it is suitable for businesses that don’t have much capital. However, the drawback is that some people or consumers are also uncomfortable with this method because it is annoying and is like being forced to buy.

2.    Digital Marketing

The second product marketing strategy is digital marketing. This type of strategy is carried out indirectly and the main thing you have to do to implement this strategy is to build relationships and trust to people. So, you need to build a brand and a good image through social media.

  • Social Media – Use social media to increase engagement with followers. Build intense relationships and learn what they all want. Remember,  don’t bother wasting your time on social media platforms if there’s no audience there.
  • Used Influencer – In fact, influencer marketing can be a very powerful tool when used properly. You pay an influencer to inspire people to use your brand.
  • Don’t ignore SEO – By implementing a number of SEO optimization steps, it is easier for your website or blog to rank high in Google search results. Many companies avoid this aspect because they think it is complicated and too time consuming. In essence, SEO is still the best way to increase traffic!
  • Paid Advertising – Don’t spend too much working capital for your company on paid advertising such as ads on social media. Your business capital can be dredged up quickly if you don’t know the right time. The conclusion is to use a good paid advertising moment by understanding prime time

3.    Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase (POP) is a marketing strategy by placing marketing materials or advertisements near the product being promoted. This strategy is very suitable for retail stores that sell a wide variety of products.  According to research, about 64% of people who come to a retail store have not yet decided which product to buy. You can take advantage of this condition by directing them to buy your product.

Mobilize all product knowledge and communication skills so that consumers are interested and hard to resist. You can do this point of purchase product marketing strategy by making displays with special attractive designs and placing them in strategic places such as near entrances and exits.

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