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Did you know there are effective free ways to promote new products to customers? In fact, every day thousands of new products will appear on the internet, so you need a good promotional way to attract customer interest. How do you promote your new product to attract customers? Do you use advertising services? lf yes, then the next question is do you have a large cost to do it?

Just so you know, promotions don’t have to be expensive, it can even be done in a free and fun way to attract customers. If it can be done for free, why should it cost so much? Then how to effectively promote our new products to customers for free? The following is the discussion.

Effective Free Promotion Ways

Here are ways you can do to promote your new product effectively and of course free.

1. Choose a strategic place

In an effort to introduce and disseminate your new product, aka promotion, choose a strategic place that is visited by many people on the Internet. Choose a place that is mostly accessed by buyers, either through the application or via a web browser. You can also register your online business in the big Marketplace such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada etc. Make sales of your new product by following the applicable rules and take advantage of the features offered by the marketplace to attract many customers. This is because the market place is one of the places visited by many buyers.

2.  Take advantage of social media

Take advantage of Social Media but don’t get SPAM. What is spam? Spam is a promotional activity that makes Social Media Users uncomfortable and even lazy to buy the products we offer because they are not on track. Spam activities on social media such as on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram that are hated by buyers include sending excessive direct messages.Tag and other things that make you uncomfortable. 

Free promotion on Social Media can be done on the right track, such as making more friends, updating various status so as not to be boring. Furthermore, don’t spend time promoting across all existing social media platforms. Choose and be active on social media platforms where many people visit.

3.  Create Your Product Website

The next effective free way to promote new products to customers is to create your new product website. Highly recommend that you create a website for your product. Website built does not have to be expensive. You can take advantage of a free website provider platform. For example,you choose a blog, then make a blog about the details of our products and our business.

In addition, biogs can contain themes, tips & tricks,guides related to the business we are in. The advantage of creating a blog related to the business we are currently in is that potential buyers will come. This means that those who open the blog later are people who have greater potential to buy the products we sell.

Create a blog that contains articles related to our new product. The more articles we write, the greater the chance that our blog will often appear on search engines like Google.

Those are some effective free ways to promote new products to customers. Although this method is free, it can be more effective than using expensive advertisements if used properly.

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