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Did you know that email marketing is one of the many ways of marketing that is often done for online businesses? So, by definition email marketing is a sales strategy that makes use of email or electronic mail. The use of email marketing in online businesses targets consumers via email. These marketing emails are sent to potential customers who have never purchased the product, as well as to consumers who are already customers in the business. In addition, the existence of email marketing allows entrepreneurs to stay connected with customers.

Then how do you take advantage of email marketing to market products? Here are a few things you can know and learn about email marketing. 

Learn Email Marketing from The Expert

There are many email marketing experts and practitioners that you can make as mentors. Email marketing experts are people who work as professional email marketers, or people who use email marketing for their business and are proven to make a lot of money from email marketing.

  1. Noah Kagan

First, Noah Kagan is an American internet entrepreneur who is also the founder of the Sumo Group. From Noah, you’ll learn how to start a multi-million dollar business, and grow a 700,000+ email list.

  1. Ben Settle

Next, Ben Settle is an internet marketer, entrepreneur, specialist email marketer and writer who has written extensively in the fields of business, marketing, and sales. He is also renowned as an email copywriting expert who has taught the methods he developed to some of the most prestigious direct selling companies around the world.

  1. Ryan Deiss

The last is Ryan Deiss. He is one of the world’s leading digital marketers by renowned American entrepreneur, investor and speaker, Daymond John. Over the past 3 years, Ryan and his team have invested more than $ 15 million in marketing tests that generated tens of millions of unique visitors, sent over 1 billion emails, and ran around 3000 split tests.

Tips to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Here are tips for using email marketing to increase sales of your product or business.

  1. Build an email list of your target customers

You can create target customers through social media. Almost everyone who uses social media uses email. We can get emails for our targets through these social media.

  1. Personalize Your Email without Using the Recipient’s Name

Given the high level of cybersecurity concerns about identity theft and fraud, consumers will be wary of incoming email. An important element of email marketing is relationships. Does the recipient trust you? Does a recipient know who you are? If you want to use personalization as an email strategy, do it the right way. This is because personalization can be seen as distracting if done in the wrong way..

  1. Keep subject words short

It is highly recommended that you shorten content on the subject by about 49 characters down, as this is evidently opened by the recipient of the email. A good email strategy is to avoid the 60 to 70 character dead zone.

  1. Send an email at night or on the weekend

From 8 p.m. to midnight is a great time for you to send an email. Likewise, sending an email on the weekend will provide a great opportunity for the recipient to click on the email. 

  1. Send Content Email that have benefits to subscribers

Fill in the content in your email marketing that can benefit customers, such as providing important information, as well as any promos and discounts from our products.

The tips above are tips that have been adapted to the times, so this is perfect for those of you business owners who want to know about email marketing and are looking for ways to develop an email marketing strategy.

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