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In the world of work there is a profession, namely Quality Assurance (QA). This profession is to ensure such as products are produced in accordance with the standards of quality companies. So, they can maintain customer loyalty.

To find out why QA is important for manufactured products and how do we start, the following will explain in more detail about QA, from its definition to its important role for manufactured products.

Definition of Quality Assurance (QA)

QA will guarantee the whole product is manufactured into the manufacturing process. So that is the reason why QA is called a Process Based Approach. The goal is to prevent defective products from the initial planning process also to the final process of product delivery to customers. With QA, companies can avoid rework because of failed products and also loss of customer care that brings the company’s reputation.

Stages that are carried out by Quality Assurance

1. Quality Audit

At this stage a team of external experts will review the product manufacturing processes and procedures. So, if they found a variance between what they set in company procedures and manufacture, the company had to take action.

2. Process Analysis

In this stage they have to survey all the processes. So they can find the possibility of a failed product or process that has no added value. After that, find the cause and take corrective action.

3. Quality Management and Control Tools

Furthermore, Quality Management and Control Tools are diagramming techniques that help find problems, improve ideas and make decisions and prioritize problems. Commonly used control tools are tree diagrams, affinity diagrams and network diagrams.

Important Role of Quality Assurance for Manufacturing Products

The reason why QA is important is that QA has a role in providing real data to companies about what consumers want. QA can identify points and areas that need to be improved in maintaining the quality of the company’s products. So, the companies can save and mitigate risks before problems regarding the product arise or get bigger.

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