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Many women feel that wearing a formal dress in summer is like a nightmare. The reason is because of the heat that they have to endure when they are wearing the dress. The problem is, what should you wear if you get an invitation for formal occasion this summer? If you are experiencing the same situation, you do not need to worry. There are some nice summer dresses to wear. In fact, you can get the spotlight by wearing these dresses.

Cotton Maxi Dress

            For those who love simplicity, the cotton maxi dress is something to suit your need. For the overall look, this kind of dress looks quite simple. As an addition to that, the cotton material will not bother you at all when you are wearing this kind of formal dress for formal occasion this summer. For your information, a lot of this dress styles have the kind of shabby chic style and retro impression.

Satin Wrap Midi Dress

            Not all of the people love to wear satin because of the material’s texture. Many of them agree that satin will make you feel hotter in summer. However, wearing a satin midi dress can be a great idea if you have formal occasion to attend this summer. The reason is because satin will trap the breeze wind inside you. As an addition to that, the midi-styled dress will make you look more gorgeous in many ways.

Petal Mini Dress

            Summer is identical with cheerful and joyful patterns and flower petals can be one of them. That is why the mini dress with the petal pattern can be a good choice if you are attending a formal occasion. Since this is a mini dress, you will not need to worry about the heat of the summer. One thing that you need to highlight is the height of your skirt. You only make sure that the height is not that high. This way, you can still appear elegantly, not that revealing.

Open Back Maxi Dress

            If you really have to appear formally during summer, then the last option that you can try is the open back maxi dress. There are a lot of maxi dresses with the closed back. Yet, those kinds of dresses are not that suitable for the fully formal occasion. That is why it is better for you to choose the open back maxi dress. The revealing back will make you look more gorgeous and attractive. On the other hand, the maxi style will not be that bothering for summer.

            Those are some of the dresses that you can try to wear if you have a formal occasion to attend this summer. For your final thought, there are actually a lot of dresses that you can even wear in summer without having to worry about the heat. Yet, not all of those dresses are suitable for the formal occasion. So, make sure you know what to wear based on the occasion that you want to attend this summer. You can still appear gorgeously despite of the summer heat.

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