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Cotton fabric has been used in many different kinds of shirts and personal wear. It is because this kind of fabric has the nice durability as well as softness that many people love. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different kinds of cotton fabrics. All of them have their own specs so that you cannot say that those cotton fabrics are the same. Thus, you should not be mad when you get the rather hard cotton fabric because you might have bought the cheap one.

In order not to get that kind of cotton fabric, there are some tips that you can try. These tips will help you finding out the good quality cotton to make your personal wear.

Touch the Fabric with Your Hands

 The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the fabric has the softness that you are looking for. Do not fall for the details such as 30S cotton, 20s cotton, or something like that. There are different fabric manufacturers in the world. It means even though the specs are similar, the fabric output might be slightly different. So, if you can touch it on your own, then you need to touch it. Your hand is the only thing that will never lie.

Check the Label

If you are buying shirts or any other clothing, you will be able to find the label inside it. This is the simplest and easiest way to check if you are buying the right cloth made of cotton. If the label says that it is 100% cotton, then you can be sure that the texture will be soft. As a matter of fact, it is a bit silky. Yet, if the label says it is made of polyester, then the texture will be different.

Look at the Uniformity of the Thread

There are not many people who do this because they do not know about it. However, you need to try doing the uniformity check of the thread. For your information, it is not that hard to check the thread of the cotton fabric. Most of them are created evenly. If there are some gaps and the gaps are quite close to each other, then you are looking at the bad quality cotton. You need to skip this one and find another cotton fabric for your personal wear.

Get a Light

The last tip that you need to try is to get the fabric under the light. Indeed, cotton tends to be quite transparent when you are talking about thickness. Even though, you need to find one that will not allow the lights to get through. This is the basic thing that you need to know. Put the fabric between your vision and the light. If you can see the bulb or the light source, then the cotton is a bit thin. However, if you do that and you only see the thread, then the cotton is good enough. It is something pretty simple to check if the cotton will be one durable fabric or not.

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