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Have you ever thought about the reasons why there are expensive and cheap clothes out there? Other than the brand, the fabric is also one thing that made those clothes quite expensive. Yes, this is something that you might have never noticed. People think that fabric is quite affordable, around 10 to 20 dollars is enough to buy the fabric. Yet, do you know that there are some very expensive fabrics out there? The one that might be more than your salary? Here are some of those expensive fabrics in the world.

Japanese Denim Fabric

Denim has been used in many different clothing, especially the casual one. However, the Japanese denim is rather different. Many denim fans consider it as the sacred fabric. That is because the fabric is made to perfection so that many people know the quality of the Japanese denim. For your information, some large brands such as LV and Gucci are using this kind of fabric for their denim clothing. As a result, they can sell the clothing for up to 2,000 dollars.

Mulberry Silk Fabric

It is not a secret anymore that silk is quite expensive compared with some other fabrics out there. Yet, the mulberry silk is one of the most expensive among those silk fabrics right now. The softness of this silk is what made this silk very famous. This silk is believed to have the hypoallergenic quality, one thing that you can rarely find in a silk. That is why the price of this fabric is reaching 100 dollar per meter.

Leopard Fur Fabric

You cannot say that the fur of a leopard is a fabric since it is not sewn. Yet, a lot of people are using one to make clothing. So, you can consider this as one kind of fabric. Despite the fact that many people are against it, a lot of people are still using fur to make clothing. As a result, the number of clothing products from fur are quite limited. That is why the leopard’s fur is sold for at least 7,000 dollars.

Guanaco Fabric

 This fabric is made from the llama coat that you can usually find in the southern region of America. The growing process of llama is not something easy and it is very time consuming. That is why in a year you can only get two to three pounds of guanaco from the adult llama. This is one reason why the fabric is quite expensive. For your information, the clothing made from the guanaco fabric is sold for 25,000 dollars.

Vicuna Wool Fabric

The last one is Vicuna wool fabric. Rarity is one thing that makes this fabric become very expensive. Unlike the leopard skin which is quite contradictory, the wool from the sheep is actually free to shear. The problem is, you can only do this to the Vicuna sheep once every three years. It is meant to standardize the quality of the wool so that the fiber is also known as the Fiber of God. For the price, a suit made of the Vicuna wool is sold for around 50,000 dollars.

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