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Jackets is an outerwear that is used after wearing clothes that have sleeves and length to the hips or waist. Jackets that doesn’t have sleeves are called vests. Usually, the zipper of the jacket is located at the front with a zipper, button, or fastener. Both men and women can also use jackets according to their needs.

The word jacket comes from the French word jaquette. The term comes from the Middle French noun jaquet, which refers to a small or light tunic. In Modern French, jaquette is synonymous with jacket. American English speakers sometimes informally use the word jacket or coat interchangeably.

The jacket’s function are to protect the body from the cold and the heat from the sun. By the time, the function of the jacket has turned into a fashion necessity that can be more trendy. Jacket can be worn anytime and anywhere according to the interests and styles of mens. Mix and matching jacket with other clothes will be fashionable for a man. So, the jacket models offered in the market has many style and variations.

There are several types of jackets in general, such as:

1. Denim Jacket (Jeans)

Wearing denim or jeans jacket provides a special attraction for its users with the presence of two pockets on the front chest and cuffs. The unique blue color of the jeans jacket look of its original form. Along with the development of fashion industry, the model and color of the jeans jacket has also developed. The jeans jacket model remains a classic even though it has been given different touch from the designer and the colors vary from black, gray, white, and so on.

2.  Leather Jacket

Leather jackets is sometimes called Biker Jackets. Users of leather jackets will look more masculine and cool but do not eliminate the classic impression. Leather jacket is usually relate to motorcycles, pilots, punks, and Marlon Brando. The use of leather jacket has been popular since the 1900s until nowadays and the use of leather jacket JAKET

will never end considering its timeless look.

3. Hoodies

Hoodie is a jacket that provides warmth to the body. There are types of hoodies that has a front opening with a zipper and no opening for direct use like a t-shirt. Usually, hoodies has a hood and also a pocket at the bottom of the front side. Hoodies also has a variety of attractive colors and cute and trendy designs.

4. Windbreaker

Windbreaker is a casual jacket that has a 90s looks and can be worn when the weather is cloudy but not raining yet, so sometimes it is difficult to make a decision which jacket should be wear. This jacket cann’t always be wear because it can give an unpleasant feel. Windbreakers can be worn as a one-piece with matching pants.

5. Parka

Parka is a type of jacket that people wear during winter because it is quite thick and there is a hood. This jacket is suitable to be combined with casual clothes. This jacket model has a variety of colors and styles that can be chosen according to the user’s taste. The parka model usually has a large pocket, so it can store many things in it.

6. Coach Jacket

This jacket has a casual look and is very suitable for men who like simple and plain outfits. Coach jackets is available in variety of styles and colors yet don’t leave a simple impression. Its use is compatible to be combined with jeans and sneakers.

7. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets was very popular with the public and a favorite with non-military audiences throughout the 1960s. The style originates from the US Air Force, where it was worn by flight crew members. Bomber jackets are also one of the favorite and good choices for men because they can give a relaxed impression and can be used on various occasions and are suitable to be combined with various types of clothing.

8. Cardigan

Cardigan became one of the jacket choices when entering the fashion industry in the 90s. Cardigans range from mohair to cotton and this jacket is a simple choice that suits all wearers. The wear of cardigans is usually combined with plain white t-shirts or button-up shirts of contrasting colors because cardigans usually have patterned and multi-colored motifs.

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