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Wearing clothes is not only useful for covering your body, but also to give character for you. This contribute toward a considerable influence and made fashion in the world can grow rapidly. So many people make fashion as their business field because having a fashion brand provide them with some benefit such as money, happiness, creativity, and many more. Starting a business in fashion is like when you start a new journey in life because fashion will follow the flow of your life. Here are the steps that you have to follow when starting a fashion brand:

1. Decide on Your Niche

The brand can start from your interest and knowledge about fashion. The first thing you have to do is identify what kind of fashion your brand will be, whether it will be clothes for women or men, shoes, bags, and so on. From these options, you decide which one make you interested in. Moreover, there may be another creative thing that you have thought about and plan to offer for the market. When you start a business with passion on your journey, you will enjoy building it.

2. Make Fashion Brand Plan

Have planning in the fashion brand is very important because the plan can help you to get the illustration of what you will do and made a very well preparation. First, there is the planning for financial capital and the allocation of funds. There are for preparing equipment, employee salaries, and operations. Second, target market or who will be customers. This is to find out the target when making offers and promotions to avoid misdirected. Third, prepare the name and logo of the fashion brand. This is surely must contain a characteristic to be introduced your fashion brand to potential customers.

3. Develop and Organize Team Work

The development of your fashion brand is impossible to do alone, so you need resources that can help do the necessary parts. Such as tailor, customer service, sales and marketing, designer, and another position. The existence of teamwork that has solidarity and high competence will greatly help accelerate the work and offers of the planned fashion brand.

4. Create Your Design and Brand

Pouring ideas into an image and being creative in making a fashion model is a designer’s job. But, if you’re not, you can still be creative to draw the design with your own idea. You can get the design inspiration from the internet, seeing fashion on the market, and your ideas as long as they are not plagiarized. Create designs is very interesting because you can be creative and also create your brand. Be a fashion brand that is unique or has its own distinctive characteristics. The characteristics will make customers remember your fashion brand so easily. At this step, remember to include the design’s detail and technical specifications ranging from sizes, materials to additional accessories

5. Start Manufacturing

This is the time to produce fashion products that you have already designed with the team. The design details that have been included will be useful in the production process, such as finding materials, measuring products and accessories. At this step of production, you must check the tidiness and detail of the fashion products routinely. In addition to attracting customer interest, it is useful for maintaining the existence of products on the market and indirectly providing service to customers. So, that the quality of your product can be maintained.

6. Take It to Market

When marketing a products fashion brand, you can use applications, social media, and websites. But before that, the first step is to take photos of fashion products to make it look attractive, determine prices, determine to package, procedures for ordering by customers, shipping methods, consider about the worst things like product delivery errors, and how to promote your fashion brand for the first time so can make the customers interested. A big step you can take to improve your fashion branding is to organize a fashion show. At the fashion show, the customers can see your fashion brand directly and of course, it will attract more attention.

7. Evaluating Your Brand and Work

After carrying out all the steps above, selling products fashion and introducing your fashion brands to customers, the final step is to evaluate performance. This evaluation is useful to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your fashion brands in the market. By understanding this, you can prepare for all the possibilities that can happen to your fashion brand. After that, improve and maintain the quality of your fashion brand.

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  1. I would like to create oversized blazers for women that have a nice fit, reminiscent of the 1980s style with broad shoulders, etc. These blazers can be worn both as a dress, paired with high heels or boots, and as a jacket with trousers. The materials used should be sustainable and of high quality. I hope you can help me 🙂

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