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Who isn’t excited with Summer?

Almost everyone around the world is waiting for summer. Summer is the perfect time to travel with loved ones and wear your favorite clothes. So does with summer dress, it is one of the women’s choices when doing activities or traveling during the sunny summer days without sacrificing style.

Summer dress or Sundress will give a feminine look and more comfortable feeling. Usually, made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and silk. It has a loose cut for comfort and reveals beautiful leather, wide neckline, thin shoulder straps, sleeveless, and possibly backless. However, these pieces can change according to the designer’s design or your taste. Bright colors for summer dress to express personality and show their joy. You can wear a large brimmed hat, scarf, sunglasses, bag, and shoes or sandals to complete your summer outfit.

There are common types of summer dresses, such as:

1. Wrap Dress

This dress has a cut that shows a  V-neckline, both long and short, wraps one side around the other dress, and is locked with buttons, tie, or belt.

2. Maxi Dress

This type of dress has a length to the ankles or dangles to the floor. Maxi dress will give a higher impression for women and give sexier looks.

3. Shift Dress

The cutting of this dress is not too long, hanging straight and a little loose down from the shoulder of the woman who wears it, not sleeved or short sleeved, and shows a high neckline without detail.

4. Sheath Dress

This dress has knee length and short sleeves. The cut fits snugly to the body and bites right at the waist but no seams at the waist.

5. Jersey Dress

Jersey Dress is designed using a soft fabric that feels breezy against the skin and doesn’t wrinkle after you wear it. Hance, you don’t need to iron when you want to wear it.

6. T-Shirt Dress

Having a casual style with a t-shirt dress in summer provides comfort from the start. It is ideal to wear t-shirt dress during holidays and work.

7. Mini Dress

This type of dress shows a sexy impression and can be worn by all body types. Has a length to above the knee.

8. Midi Dress

This type of dress was first popular in the 60s and 70s, worn by women of all ages because it can give a slim impression.

9. Skater Dress

Skater dress has a shorter cut, fitted waist and accentuates your figure in a dress that expands into an A-line shape. This type of dress will enhance your femininity and create the illusion of a slimmer body.

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