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If you are tired of wearing dresses or pants, t-shirts yet still would like to look feminine, then wearing a skirt is the right choice. Skirt is the lower part of women’s clothing that covers your body from the waist until downwards. Wearing a skirt will give a different touch that will increase your confidence and make you look adorable. Women has at least 1 skirt in their closet that they for school or work to give a neat impression. You can wear it to attending formal or informal events, holidays, or in daily activities and match with tops, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

During the age time of Constantine Emperor in the Roman Empire, skirts were a staple for men of all social standings. In the Middle Ages, women wore skirts that extended from the chest to the ankles and were made of heavy materials with dark colors. Then into 17th and 18th centuries, volume to the skirt was added in the form of a circle which, in addition to the wear of a corset, gave the appearance of a very thin waist. Skirts were finally stripped of uncomfortable hoops and excessive fabric in the early 20th century, giving way to narrower silhouettes that fit the body.

The fabrics that is used to make modern skirts are light to medium sized materials, such as denim, jersey, wool, or poplin. Skirts made out of a thin or sticky material are often worn with a slip to make the skirt material hang better and for modesty. You can mix and match your blouse with various types of skirts as below:

1. Tube Skirt

Tube skirt is the simplest yet versatile skirt. The fabric for tailoring tube skirts is soft, flexible, and comfortable. However, this skirt doesn’t really offer freedom of activity because the cutting fits the body.

2. Maxi Skirt

Wearing a maxi skirt will give you a glamorous impression. Suitable to wear during casual to semi-formal events. Can be combined with a t-shirt or top according to taste.

3. Casual Skirt

As the name implies, casual skirts are worn for casual events, in daily activities or when you are just hanging out with friends.

4. Wrap Skirt

One of the resort can be wear on your vacations and trips is wrap skirt. This skirt wraps around the lower body following your waist size.

5. Denim Skirt

Having clothes with denim material will never out of style and remain popular at all times. In fact, almost every store has denim-type clothes, including skirts.

6. Chino Skirt

The chino skirt is made of pure cotton, a natural fabric that lets your skin breathe, and is ideal for summer wear.

7. Linen Rich Skirt

Linen rich skirt is made of linen. This type of skirt is suitable for summer and one of your resort wear.

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