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As the name implies, the A-line dress has a shape like the letter A. Which is has a triangular shape silhouette, wider hem than the shoulders, apart from a ruffled waist or corset-style top. This dress doesn’t include details that would matter, such as curtains, pockets or slits, and relies on simple sewing tricks like darts and stitches to get the precise shape, not pleats, for a simple, sleek look.

The most common type of A-line dress is one that fits in the bodice and widens at the waist to form an A or triangular silhouette. Some people consider the A-line dress to have a tight cut by the shoulders to the hips and then move outward. Others also include its defined style by the shoulders and moving outwards directly. Both styles are A-line and have the same effect.

Aims of an A-line dress cut is to emphasize or flatter a different body shape or part by emphasizing a smaller waist, wider hips, and bust line. A-Line Dress is often worn as a wedding dress to show her curves. This dress is one of the most favorite dresses because still looks good on every different body type.

A-line dress has 3 characteristics in the appearance of the dress, such as:

1. Fits on the shoulder or waist

This dress must fit the wearer body, from the shoulders to the waist before spreading down.

2. Flare towards the tip

To create a wide bottom shape, it can be formed from the waist to the bottom.

3. A little decoration on the skirt

A-line dresses should extend comfortably from the hips, so they usually don’t include many details.

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