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A sweater or jumper is a type outerwear that cover the upper body from the neck to the waist, which meant to provide warmth to the body. Sweaters have long sleeves, made of knitted or crocheted. A sleeveless sweater is called a sweater vest or slipover. Sweater is versatile for either adults and children, women and men. Cotton, synthetic fibers, or a combination of those fabric are the material manufacture use to make sweater.

Sweater is preferably a good choice during winter since you can layer up your shirt or other clothing. Thus, it will create a layer that is conducive to maintaining body heat. Sometimes, sweaters are worn under coats and sports coats, providing an added layer of warmth both indoors and outdoors.

Wearing a sweater goes well with almost any outfit. You can match it with jeans, skirts, leggings, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, and so on. Not only to warm the body, but you also can be stylish with it during summer. Even with an oversized sweater, you can still feel warm and stylish by combining the clothes and accessories you have.

Maintenance of sweaters can be done by dry cleaning after wear. However, it is better to wash it gently by hand, cold water and a mild detergent without squeezing. To make the drying process faster, the sweater can be placed on a dry towel and turned over once or twice during the drying process. When a sweater isn’t worn, the sweater should be folded and stored on a shelf or in a drawer. Sweaters shouldn’t be hung on hangers.

Here is the best tips to wear a sweater:

  1. Choose a sweater that compliments your figure as well as your complexion. Avoid stark, unattractive colors that confuse you.
  2. Match a sweater with a medium-sized skirt with a tiny handbag.
  3. Wear an oversized sweater with a mini skirt and leggings.
  4. Thigh-high suede boots are a great accessory to match with sweaters and leggings.
  5. When wearing an oversized sweater, make sure your other clothes fit. You can add a belt to your waist.
  6. If wearing a jacket or coat over your sweater, choose one that fits better and adds structure.
  7. Remove the pills on your sweater if the fabric starts to fall off.
  8. Keep a sweater dress in your wardrobe and wear it with a winter hat.
  9. Most sweaters require hand washing. Be careful before putting it in the washing machine.
  10. Wearing a sweater over a sweater isn’t a bad idea at all. Just mind your fabric, opt for thinner, and less bulky material if layering.

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