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Lingerie is a term to describe men’s and women’s underwear. The word “lingerie” is more often associated to indicate women’s intimate clothing. Clothing that presents this underwear expresses woman’s beauty who loves feminine personality, apart from the basic need to support her physique. As for the clothes that include Lingerie categories are bras, panties, stockings, thongs, garters, peignoirs, thin evening dresses, and exotic evening clothes.

Lingerie was evolving into a fashion icon during the 19th century. Then, in the 21st century manufacturers and fashion houses began to expand their manufacturing and marketing with sexy and fashionable designs and colors. Which, underwear that is seen with more focus on the curves of a woman’s body. The concept of underwear originated in ancient times when people lived in the forest. Women in those days tied their bodies with long shawls that were folded, looped, and crossed to follow their body shape and enhance their beauty.

Here are some tips on using lingerie:

1. Comfort is Key

You should carefully choose lingerie to be able to wear for a longer time. Features such as soft rubber under the breast and elastic contours on the neckline have never been more sought after until now.

2. Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is very important when looking for the perfect lingerie. You can find out in advance what the shape of the body looks like to flatter your curves and balance your shape.

3. Show Off Your Best Features

The whole point of wearing underwear is in addition to being comfortable with yourself is to accentuate your best features. Focus on what you want to emphasize and then go for it. For example, if you like your beautiful, long legs, choose chemises that are a few inches above the knees and chest lines that are tied to give the illusion that your feet keep going forever.

4. Customize Your Style

You are a trend-setter and aren’t afraid to display hard prints.  You’re not afraid to show off what you have. Confidence radiates from you and it’s really empowering, in which you expresses in your underwear choices.

5. Size Important

Each lingerie brand has a table of different sizes, you can tell the seller to get the right size. If you are buying online then you need to pay close attention to it. Understand the detail measurement of the size in order to avoid buying the wrong size.

6. Know Your Texture

There are many options in choosing textures. There are several materials of lingerie such as silk, latex, as well as micro, rayon, nylon, cotton, and lycra spandex.

7. Color Option

Choose the color tone that best suits your skin tone. If your hair color is dark brown or blonde and the skin has a greenish or yellowish tone. Then you can choose orange, red, golden yello, and honey gold.  If your hair color is dark to light blonde and your skin has a bluish tone (very bright to very dark), choose a jewel tone color, and lavender.


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